Talent Management Services

Talent Management Services

We deliver a wide range of talent management services to suit all types and styles of organisations. Janine Hailey, Director of Talent is qualified and approved by the British Psychological Society to deliver the full range personality and ability psychometric tests and questionnaires.
The British Psychological SocietyWe can offer test administration, test interpretation and provide feedback by a qualified and accredited practioner in the following range and types of tests:
• Personality Questionnaires
• Verbal Reasoning Tests
• Numerical Reasoning Tests
• Spatial Awareness Tests
• Logical and Critical Thinking Tests

Assessment and Development Centres

Developing and nurturing the talent in your organisation is critical to ensure you have a pipeline of talent that is ready and able to lead, develop and grow your business in these complex and economically turbulent times. Identifying and developing talent is key for the continued growth and sustainability of your organisation.
We can help design and deliver either an assessment centre, and or a development centre. Both types of assessment centres are under pinned by approved psychometric personality profiling, and ability profiling depending on you identified business talent needs.

An assessment centre will support your recruitment process in discovering talent for your business, whilst a development centre will support the identification of development objectives for individuals and teams. Both types of assessment centres will be designed in line with your HR and Organisational Development strategies at the heart of it.

So, if you are looking for an innovative and creative approach to discovering and nurturing talent for your organisation, then please do give us a call.