Testimonials from staff from the Seren Group Newport on “Facilitation Skills” training – July 2015 

“Back to back communication”      “Fun and engaging training”

“Listening Exercise”      “Good team building”      “Fun tasks”         “Group work”

“Janine – you and your passion”

Testimonials from staff from the Seren Group Newport on “Effective Communication Skills” training – June 2015 

“Really interactive, informative and enjoyable!”          “Engagement with trainer”

“Good explanations throughout”        “Fun and interactive”          “Enjoyed the listening task”

“Fun while in learning”       “Really enjoyed all aspects of the day”          “Enjoyed the pace and the content”

“I enjoyed the training – a real pleasure to know you Janine”       “Enjoyed Everything – well done Janine!”




Testimonials From Managers from Hafan Cymru At Carmarthen and Cardiff that recently attended “The Resilient Managers” Programme – May/June 2015 – 3 separate full day sessions

“Time to reflect on personal and team resilience”       “Learning what resilience means”

“100% enjoyed the whole day. 4P’s”        “Cycle of sacrifice and renewal”

“Good mix of ‘talk and chalk’ & interactive exercises”        “Different ways of learning”

“Enjoyable & Good fun”          “Good Group Work”         “Enjoyed the Particpation”

“Sharing ideas, laughs and re-focusing”        “Comprehensive and packed day”     “Defined my resilience aids”

“values exercise was very enlightening”        “Learning of theory, visual and kinaesthetic working”

“small groups – content made me reflect on myself and stress”        “mindfulness exercises, thinking traps & 4P’s”

Testimonial from Delegates recently attended Personal Resilience Training  – Merthyr Valley Homes 05.03.15

“Today’s Training will help me in my personal and working life – Excellent Training”

” Very Upbeat Training – helped me realise what/how resilient I can be”


“This was one of the most enjoyable course and definitely the most useful. I enjoyed the whole day – Fantastic Trainer”

“Developed my awareness of how to access and my personal depth of resilience and where it comes from. Very relevant for our job roles as Floating Support Officers & Scheme Mangers”

“Very Enjoyable”

“Very nice and friendly trainer”

Testimonial from Christine Davies-Lamble – Little Blossom Hypnobirthing
I’m really interested in improving my skills, and when Janine suggested a personality trait assessment, I was intrigued. That was 4 weeks ago, and I have to say that things have developed quite considerably. Realising that I tend to sit back and allow others to take the lead in most situations turned out to be the thing holding me back. Taking more of a lead in developing my business and being more active and confident to push projects forward has lowered my frustration, and increased my confidence and motivation considerably. I feel as though this has been the missing link for a while, and was just too busy to realise it. I feel really positive about the direction I’m taking things now, and feel more in control of my destiny. What an eye opener!!!

calanTestimonial provided by Rhian Bowen-Davies, Chief Executive of Calan DVS

“I have known Janine for 3 years. She is absolutely passionate about learning and development – individuals, teams and organisations. Her knowledge and experiences across the voluntary and private sector give her an invaluable insight and she is continuously improving her own knowledge to access a diverse range of programmes and toolkits for the benefit of her clients. Janine’s commitment and energy shine through in all that she does.”