The Forever Learning Programme

The Forever Learning Programme

The Forever Learning Programme is a nationally accredited client/tenant/volunteer practical learning programme designed to engage people in activities that:-

  • Promotes inclusion
  • Promotes Tenant/Client Particpation and involvement
  • Improves skills and knowledge
  • Increases independence
  • Maximises and enhances opportunities in education, training and employment
  • Encourages and facilitates citizenship
  • Support Lifelong Learning and personalised learning
  • Raise confidence and self-esteem

The Forever Learning Programme can be integrated with any existing agency work in terms of tenant/client or volunteer learning and participation. The programme flexibility provides a platform for the achievement of any planned personal outcomes or any group outcomes; it offers a solution to providing a seamless approach to any housing, supported housing, youth group, community group or person centred support environment.

The Forever Learning programme is accredited through Agored Cymru, and is designed so that your clients/ tenants or volunteers can achieve one, or any number of units. Each area of learning or unit is available at various levels, from Entry Levels, Level 1 up to Level 2. It is possible with some unit combination to create a recognised QCF qualification that supports some funding requirements.

The focus of each unit is on developing the individuals’ skills, knowledge and understanding required to personally develop in their chosen life-skill area.

Skill areas include: –

Finding and Keeping a Home
Looking after Yourself & Keeping Safe
Preparing for Work
Your Health and Taking Care of You
Managing Your Money
Additional Areas of Learning
You in The Community
Hobbies and Interests

And There’s More………Forever Training is able to write and accredit new units that fit directly with your work – please just ask us and we would be happy to help 🙂

pdfJoining the Forever Learning programme is simple, and it provides a flexible range of options suitable for either individual or group delivery. We take care of all your accreditation paperwork, quality assurance of all units achieved, train your staff in assessment techniques and provide follow up standardisation sessions. Being a member also gives you access to any of the workbooks available as part of The Forever Learning Programme.

If you are interested in joining the programme, or would like to look at some sample workbooks, please just get in contact.