The Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery Method was developed by John W James and Russell Friedman, whom also founded the Grief Recovery InstituteGrief recovery method in the USA; The Grief Recovery Method has helped many tens of thousands of people around the world over the last 30 years.

What is it?

The Grief Recovery Programme has been designed to provide you with a series of small steps, that when taken in order, will lead you to the completion of all the unresolved grief linked to your loss.

Coupled with the help and support of your Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® (Janine Hailey), the programme will help you to move beyond the pain caused by your loss and move towards a regained sense of well-being.


How is Grief Recovery different?

Grief is an emotion. When we grieve our hearts feel broken. However most traditional methods of grief /bereavement support use an intellectual or psychological approach to try to solve the problem, when actually there’s nothing wrong with a grievers head! At Forever Grief Support Services we don’t concentrate on fixing heads, but instead we help fix broken hearts.

We do this by using the Grief Recovery Method, primarily as an education tool for simply re-educating people about the way they think, and deal with grief.